Global Links Phase II – Amazing Progress, Amazing Goals

Background Information

In January 2015, Global Links welcomed its second scholar, Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee to the United States. She received extensive training at Rollins College, interacted with leaders from the Orlando community and wrapped up her training with an externship at Tupperware Brands Global Headquarters. In September 2015, Dr. Banerjee concluded Phase I of the program and returned home to Kolkata, India to apply all her new knowledge in her community and home institution, University of Calcutta.

Phase II Beginning

Since Dr. Banerjee arrived in India, she has accomplished outstanding work. Global Links is now in Phase II, and is progressing at a rapid speed. In January 2016, Dr. Banerjee held 6 seminars in different colleges at the University of Calcutta. The seminars introduced students and faculty to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, as well as invited them to take part in the Global Links program. 390 students and 32 faculty members attended the seminars, resulting in the selection of 44 students who will work with Bandhan Bank on Global Links Phase II.


What is Next?

In the next few months, the 44 students will learn about Social Entrepreneurship. Come April 2016, the students will be partnered with a local female entrepreneur, looking to start or scale her business. Led by Dr. Banerjee, the students will assist the women in the development of their business. This will allow the students to apply their new skills to the real world and truly impact in their community.


But.. What is Next RIGHT NOW?

First things first. Before the 44 students can assist the women in the community, the students need to prepare. On Wednesday February 3th, the students will participate in a preparatory workshop with Dr. Banerjee.

Stay tuned for more on how the workshop went!IMG1.jpg



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