Global Links – Phase II Continues!

Read the students’ views on the progress in India!

On February 3th, Dr. Banerjee held a preparatory workshop with our NGO (non-governmental organization) partner, Bandhan Bank, and 44 students at the University of Calcutta. The preparatory workshop was a success!

The students learned about the partnership with Bandhan Bank, and about what role each student plays in the partnership. After the preparatory workshop, 44 students became 20. This 20 students will in the next few weeks be pair together with a loanee from Bandhan Bank. Come April, the students will engage in handholding activities with these women, in order to help them start or scale their business.

Global Links is entering an exciting new phase, making a change in the lives of students, and soon also communities. Don’t want to take our word for it? Read some of the students’ own insights and views on the progress and future of the program!

By: Sreejita Saha, Sivanath Sastri College, B.Com

“My experience in the first workshop of Global Links was ecstatic!! The thing I liked about the workshop is that we got to know more about this wonderful programme. Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee is one of the kindest human beings I have ever come across, she was the one who told us to speak our heart out and not to be afraid. I enjoyed every bit of the workshop, that is, from our small introduction to the first group presentation!”

By: Parna Basu, Department of Business Management, MBA

“Recently in our first preparatory workshop, each of us was asked about our uniqueness. To this question there were various answers which shed some light on the individual’s perspective of how he or she may put forward an effort in the lives of the social entrepreneurs. With the uniqueness of empathy, fearlessness, hard work, and good leadership techniques, all these can make strong impact in changing the lives of these social entrepreneurs who want to rise up in the world of business.”

By: Sunandita Kundu, , Sivanath Sastri College, B.Com

“It was a lovely experience for me as I got to learn so many new things from the seminar. I learned to explore myself and discover the qualities that make me unique. It was overall a learning through exploring process for me which will surely help me in the future.”

By: Neha Guha, Goenka College of Commerce and Administration, MBA

“It was a wonderful seminar conducted by Professor Sharmistha Banerjee thanks to her friendly and simultaneous interaction with all the participants no matter their background, caste, creed or anything. She inspired us with her vibrant, vivacious and down to earth nature.”

By: Krishnendu Bhattacharya, Department of Business Management, MBA

“This experience will help me understand the needs of the local people. This will also help me develop my thinking ability and decision making skills. Being an opportunity seeker, I think this is a huge opportunity to grab and experience something new.”

By: Saugata Banerjee, Department of Business Management, MBA

“Global Links is not only interesting but also inspiring. From the first seminar, I desperately wanted to be a part of it. Up until now, the Global Links journey has been limited to pen and paper. It will be very interesting to work in an external environment with the Bandhan Bank loanees, where I will be able to explore not only my knowledge but also my skills. This experience is eye opening, and is providing me with a platform to prove my capability at a higher level. I hope to be part of this journey until the end.”

By: Swayan Ghosh, Department of Business Management, MBA

“Social and Entrepreneurship – for a student of management both words sound so meaningful individually, but when both words combine, well it sounds a little like we say, “off the track”. It is a trending term but I never knew what it really meant. The seminar on Social Entrepreneurship by the Global Links Scholar Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee on January 8th 2016 erased the black clouds in my mind and the concept of Social Entrepreneurship was made crystal clear. An enriching session was conducted, clearly specifying what Social Entrepreneurship is, its advantages, when it is needed, how it is different from other fields, and how it works.”




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