Every person is a new door to a different world

The Director of the Rollins Innovation Hub, Dr. Mary Conway Dato-on and the Graduate Assistant for the Global Links Program Michelle Hernandez are in Kolkata, India with the Global Links Scholar Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee and her students working on the ground. 

A student, Sreya Roy, talks about how meeting them and learning more about the Global Links program generated her interest in the field of social entrepreneurship, like her mother Abira, who is the Project Assistant for Global Links.

Sreya says “Aabar aashben”!

A Marvelous Evening At Arsalan

“It was a bright and warm morning. I woke up smiling to the sound of the dogs barking on the street in front of my house. 22nd May had finally arrived. To others, it may be just a normal Sunday morning, but to me it was a very special day.

Ever since Dr. Banerjee, my mom and her colleagues started working with Global Links, I’d been hearing about the visitors who would be coming here to meet the students who had been working for Global Links and their clients.

On 3rd May, Michelle, the first visitor arrived. She is a young, pretty lady with a bright smile. All of my mom’s colleagues were worried whether she would be able to adjust to this scorching heat, but she managed it quite well. Every day, mom used to return home and tell me the funny incidents that had happened at her workplace. She also told me about Michelle’s reactions to everything and how everyone helped her to buy clothes and grocery. From my mom’s face, I could understand that she was enjoying her work with Michelle.

On 11th May, came Dr. Conway. She is a Professor at Rollin’s College, and Global Links was her idea. She was very happy to meet the Global Links team of Kolkata. After working with her, my mom was inspired by her energy and enthusiasm. Her favorite topic changed from “Studies” to “Global Links”. Although I was glad that this had happened, I also wanted to meet Michelle and Dr. Conway. So Dr. Banerjee arranged a dinner party at Arsalan (the place was decided by my friend, Anrina and I) where she invited Dr. Conway, Michelle, my family and Anrina’s family.


So, that’s why this day was special for me. In the evening, as my family and I entered Arsalan, Dr. Banerjee greeted us with a smile and waved. I introduced myself to Michelle first and then Dr. Conway, and shook hands with both of them. It was a nice evening. Both of them were very inspirational. Earlier I knew Michelle only played soccer, but later I found out that she had tried every kind of sport during her childhood. Dr. Conway talked about business with my father. We took some pictures together. This is what I liked about photographs. They’re the proofs that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.

We enjoyed talking to Michelle and Dr. Conway. Now that they’re going away, I wish I’d been a part of Global Links, so that I would get a chance to work with them, and know more about their busy, but inspiring lifestyles.


I am happy that I got this opportunity of introducing myself to these two amazing people, and thank you to all those who had arranged this dinner party.”

— Sreya Roy




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