By Anrina Mahata

This May, the University of Calcutta was a hive of activity. The Global Links Team welcomed Dr. Mary Conway and Michelle Hernandez for the Phase II of the Global Links Program.


After almost a month of client visits, presentations and training, it was time for the students to present their projects. When I received an invitation card from Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee to attend the Global Links Student Presentations at the American Center on 27th May, I was so excited I was bouncing off the walls!

On the day of the presentations, Dr. Conway and Michelle wore sarees and looked lovely in this traditional Indian dress!

MC saree.jpg

The Lincoln Room at the Centre was prepped for the event and we saw posters of the GL volunteers. The program started as scheduled with the welcome address of Greg Pardo, APAO. He ended his speech with a few Bengali words which was surprising and amusing.

Each of the fourteen GL volunteers introduced businesses of their clients and presented ways to improve the operations. The clients were also invited to share their views and got feedback from the audience.

It was really inspiring to see the GL volunteers working with such zeal and enthusiasm with their clients. The wonderful work they have been doing is the outcome of their hard work and devotion. The volunteers were awarded certificates of appreciation.

Being a part of this event was inspirational and motivated me to look at businesses in a different light.



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