You see the picture better when you are in the frame!

By Krishnendu Bhattacharjee,
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

I was assigned to work with the Sens and their business of photo lamination. It was exciting to get to know a business as a current business student. It was a different industry and the scale of operation was diverse.

Krishnendu's clients

The business owners have been in this work for 32 years now and have vast experience with what works in the market and what doesn’t. Gopa Sen, the owner started this business all by herself, in a small room but has grown exceptionally since then. She has about 20 people working for her now. When I interacted with Gopa and her husband, I found that during recent years their profit margins had declined. This gave me a goal to pursue while working with them – to find ways to increase profit margins while maintaining quality.

After understanding the business and the work flow, I recommended some modifications which will help them grow their business significantly. I think they should start documentary lamination which will broaden the customer range. Also, they may start their own website to increase the market. Their son is an engineering student, who can help with the technology part or manage the website. He can also help them to upgrade the machines being currently used.

These past few months with visits to my client and thinking of ways to improve their business, as if it was my own, have been truly exciting. I have learnt so much more than just the classroom teaching. It gave me a chance to apply the principles I learnt in management classes at school in real-life situation.

When people talk about the Global Links program, everyone thinks of women empowerment, female entrepreneurs and women volunteers. I understand that it is important to empower women. But being in this program has empowered me to challenge norms. If we want to see meaningful change, both men and women are implicated. It is not enough to enlighten and empower women and expect men to follow. But the acceptance of male students in the program portrays how the program realises and aims to accomplish that.

It has been a great experience. Thank you Global Links, Tupperware, Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Conway!



One comment

  1. Mary Conway Dato-on · August 8, 2016

    Very interesting observations on a great program. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


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