The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go

By Arijeet Paul,
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

Pardon me for being a bit poetic, but if treasure is to be found out, one needs to dive deeper into the ocean. Merely staring at the vast ocean will only quench aesthetic thirst, but won’t fetch any material benefits. Likewise, before joining Global Links, Social Entrepreneurship to me was no less than a mystical gem buried under ocean, of which I could only imagine and fantasize of possessing. Later on, when I became a part of Global Links, dreams started to materialize.

Keeping day dreaming at bay, I embarked upon this venture, albeit my skepticism about success in this enterprise. I realized that equating Social Entrepreneurship to some trivial language or computer courses would be sheer imbecility. You have to have a knack for it, and perseverance is the only magic word.


After joining Global Links, I learnt many new things, explored several un-trodden domains. I came to know that a social entrepreneur could bring radical changes in umpteen spheres, for instance, a change through a business model. I believe that social entrepreneurs have to be unreasonable because an unreasonable person has a theory of making progress and they are not subject to any subsidies or grants.


I would gladly admit that this program has helped me by and large. I have been backed up academically in a substantial amount. Professionalism is another grand built-up of my life which I would like to attribute to this program. Besides, it has been a knowledgeable ride as I got to work with many brilliant minds of the world and also with competent professionals of this field. They have never belittled my performances, despite knowing the fact that I am still a novice. In a nut shell, Global Links has helped me in rediscovering my potentials and at the same time, bestowed upon me opportunities to make a remarkable change.


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