Getting a grip on business

By Anisha Pandey,
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

Before I could realize, I had completed my first year at college. Studying and socializing that is all I had done. After a few months of my 2nd year in college, I realized that I should do something good apart from studies, something which will make me satisfied. Eventually I got a chance to work as a volunteer in the Global links program. I was assigned to a client and very excited to work with them. It was difficult for me initially, as my client, Mrs Momena Khatun, did not show much interest. I spent the first few days to make her realize that I am not going to harm her business in any way. I started greeting her by saying ‘assallam o walaikum’, a greeting in her language to make her more comfortable. This bought a big smile on her face and I realized that people respect us more when we speak their language.

In this journey, I introduced my client to the procedure for registration with the income tax department so that she has a legal business, which will in turn increase her scope for getting loans and also help her expand her business by employing more machinery and labor. I also provided her with a statement of cost and taught her how to prepare it. This will reduce her husband’s workload and she will get a chance to get herself involved in the business more.

Teaching my client the basics of business and introducing her to the technological world might seem to be a small step at first but now I feel these are the pillars for a bright and stable future of herself and her entire family.

Global links program has been a life time experience. It has inculcated a sense of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, cooperation, team spirit, responsibility and self confidence in me. Preparing power point presentations and presenting them at The American Centre, meeting several delegates, invitation for tea from the US Consul General was not less than a dream.

At home, I am just a child but doing such projects gave me a sense of responsibility. Meeting clients, spending time with them, giving them ideas and helping them improve their business is a different experience altogether. I am really thankful to the Global Links program for giving me such a golden opportunity. The valuable suggestions and the workshops have been a great source of motivation and inspiration all through. The memories of exploring Kolkata with Michelle and Dr. Conway, the party on the cruise and the entire Global Links journey will be cherished till eternity.


One comment

  1. Mary Conway Dato-on · August 19, 2016

    I love the personal and societal impact the Global Links Program has for everyone involved. Keep the stories coming.


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