Six yards ahead of her time!

By Kalapi Dutta,
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

When I completed 1 year in college, I was carefree and lay in bed not worrying about tallying balance sheets or memorizing company laws the next day. Some days, I wish I could go back in time. Not to change things, but to relive certain moments. So I dwell myself into the slideshow of memories when suddenly my mind shouts H-A-U-L-T!!!!!

Memories of my initial days in college, when, I wondered how to channelize my energy and knowledge to different spheres and not just utilize all in academic studies. And while all such thoughts were lingering in my teeny-tiny brain, Global Links happened.

Global Links, which quotes itself as a program on “Empowering women through education and entrepreneurship” not only empowered me along with my client and harnessed my entrepreneurial skills but gave me a lifetime of experiences.

  1. All worked up – For the first time I got to experience the practical business world through the business of my client, Mrs. Protiva Mondal. She has a business of making sarees. She makes sarees of a particular design called Batik which is very popular in Bengal. While working with her I understood the various problems she faces as a small entrepreneur like capturing a market segment or having a wide range of customers. During the past couple of months, I helped her overcome these obstacles and many more and during the process I myself had to face a lot of difficulties.KD1
  2. Stage jitters and all that – To be honest, I am very poor at dates. Forgetting the birthdays of my friends is one bad habit I just can’t undo. But the date May 27th,2016 will always be inscribed in my memory. Why? Because it was the first time I got to do a public presentation. First time I presented someone else’s business as my own in front of so many people. First time at the Lincoln Room of the American Center when I was not in the audience but at the other side of the room.KD2
  3. Just work? Nay. – A voluntary internship, as I would like to call my Global Links program, is not just all about work but to look forward to more. Mainly it is filled with work, happiness, enthusiasm and good vibes.

All in all happiness is Global Links.

Happiness is getting an invitation at a Tea Party along with our parents hosted by US Consul General Craig L.Hall. Happiness is weekend hangouts with GL Graduate Assistant Michelle Hernandez. Happiness is turning into a tour guide to Dr. Conway to let her explore the cultural and historical beauty of Kolkata. Happiness is organizing a surprise program in Indian style for Dr. Conway and Miss Jane. Happiness is getting to taste cookies made by Miss Jane. Happiness is having Abira Ma’am and Anushri Ma’am as supervisors who never lose their temper on us. Happiness is having Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Conway as mentors. Happiness is making new friends through this program.



One comment

  1. Mary Conway Dato-on · August 19, 2016

    This essay brings back many great memories of India and of the fabulous work the Global Links Program makes possible. Thanks for your hard work (and tour guide efforts)!


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