Small steps everyday

By Swayan Ghosh,
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

From the very inception of the Global Links program till now, the benefits which I have been getting is innumerable. The most important among all, is, I came know about myself properly, that is, my capabilities, my strengths, my weaknesses and others. The main reason behind this is because of the practical exposure or the ground level working which I had been doing with my Bandhan Bank client. The theoretical knowledge which I am gaining in my college is applied by me in reality when I am working with my client and helping her in improving her business.13267745_10154273245209923_2489048341885633172_n

My client, Bula Bhattacharjee, has a factory where sandals are manufactured and two retail shops where these sandals along with other foot wears are sold to the final consumers. In the process of improving her business, I came to know that not only problems which we read in books are experienced but also there are other problems which exist. At first it was difficult to extract information from my client, but after frequent visits and making her understand about my purpose she trusted me. Till now, I have been able to make progress in the business by efforts to sell the footwear online, use of modern electronic gadgets and equipment and also setting up a new manufacturing unit.

It has been an exchange of learning process for me. I learnt many things from my client which I was not aware of. Not to forget the power point presentations which we had to prepare periodically and present to Dr.S.Banerjee and the program coordinators, helped me a lot in enhancing my speaking skills and building confidence in me. The meet of all the participants and their clients on May 27, 2016, was a great success for all of us where we got many ideas from business experts and also from other dignitaries.

Guidance from Dr. Conway and Mrs. Hursh was a boost for all of us. In all, it has been a joyful experience for me and I am enjoying this journey to the fullest as it not only deals with knowledge but also it is fun to work with wonderful set of people all round.




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