Global Links – It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen

By Priyanka Mukherjee
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

I have spent my time in the Global Links program working with my client, Ms. Ruma Mallick, working on improving her business to increase profits and the scale of operations.

Labor problem is one of the main problems in my client’s business. As most of their labor is hired from my client’s home town “Lakhi kanta pur” which is very far from Kolkata, these laborers some time visit their home and never come back again. Since the workers are hired on contracts, they need to go through the whole process of hiring to start the production. During this time the production gets hampered and some time they even cannot supply the products in time. I met with a few people and discussed about this matter and I got a positive feedback too. As my client’s husband mainly runs the business, he used to talk to me about these problems. After going through some steps I proposed him to hire labor from the local places. I gave him the information about that sources and I promised to help him in this process which he accepted. I decided to increase the market of their products, indirectly it will develop the business by increasing the production due to its increasing demand. But I realized that they manufacture only a small part of a bigger garment company. They are outsourced by the main manufacturer. So being a B2B, increasing their market will take some time.


I have learnt a lot in this process, I have grown my confidence level, developed my communication skills, and learnt to deal with and understand the psychology of the person in-front of me, working in a group environment, learning healthy competition, and mostly it made me more professional.

As I have been taking active part in this program I am able to attend so many aspects of this program. It has enriched my knowledge, changed my vision and idea in a positive nature and the phrase “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP” has lots of things like- vast social activities, knowledge, new technology, pride, exchange of knowledge and experience, travel.







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