Tailored success…

By Tripti Beriwal
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

I have spent the past few months working with my client, Mrs. Jamuna Joardar, in her tailoring business to help her grow and explore more opportunities. Starting early this year, I set a few goals to facilitate this. After studying the business, I suggested that since currently the business catered to only ladies, she should develop her business by diversifying into stitching of men’s clothes, selling low priced sarees and self- designing of salwar suit material. After working with them for a couple of months, I needed new goals for the business. We could not follow up on the goal to start stitching men’s clothes as her husband was unwilling. He was not that comfortable with his wife and daughters dealing with the male clients as it includes measurement and negotiation.

tb1.jpgWe went ahead with other goals and they started selling low priced sarees in lesser quantity initially. Furniture which includes racks and shelves are being made so that more materials can be stored in the shop. They further diversified by inclusion of different varieties of garments as well as cosmetics in addition to sarees.

In the future, I am planning to introduce her to introducing her to social media and to use a mobile phone.

Earlier, social entrepreneurship to me was to do something good for the society like an NGO does with donations and charity. A social entrepreneur must be “sympathetic” towards societal problems and must find a temporary solution to it.

      Now, I understand that social entrepreneurship is to have empathy towards society, finding an innovative way to meet social crisis which will have an everlasting impact. It is a business where revenues are earned to be utilized in the business for self-sustainability to serve society better. The social entrepreneurs are persistent leaders who lead ahead of the pack. They are the change-makers. Social entrepreneurship is to convert the risk into opportunities. It is to empower with education. It encourages us to recognize responsibilities towards each other and deliver value to the society.

Thus the whole idea of social entrepreneurship changed.



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