Putting on the thinking cap

By Saugata Banerjee
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

Being a minority in a group felt intimidating. It was difficult to establish my dedication to the cause but I succeeded in being able to work towards a cause I feel strongly about. My first goal regarding my client’s business was to give a professional look to her business and for that they needed a trade license. I helped them achieve that and work towards bigger opportunities. I helped them in preparing the documentation for all the necessary license. Initially, they were very reluctant because they have to pay income tax and also commercial tax for the manufacturing unit.

I made her understand that it will widen up their prospects and they can approach the big retailers for their product.

The GL program is the most interactive and cross culture program I have ever experienced. I have learnt different ways to overcome the cross culture barrier.

Dedication and passion of my client toward their business is incredible, and their love for the business and practical sense which I learnt from my client’s husband. I gave him the idea about market segmentation and about his product pricing. Social entrepreneurship is an attempt to draw upon business techniques to find solutions in social issues, and cultural issues. Initially, my idea on “Social entrepreneurship” was that it is a process to support the social causes with no profit making intention.

In this program, I have not only learnt about the ways to deal with the social issues but also learnt how to participate and be an element of the change.


One comment

  1. MCD · September 6, 2016

    You are right! We can choose to be a part of positive change! Every effort, no matter how small is a continuation! Keep up the great work!


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