The journey of a thousand steps

By Neha Guha
Global Links Participant,
Kolkata, India

The GL program gives the students an opportunity to work with a small-scale business and help them build on it. The attainment of goal solely depends on gaining the trust of the loanee. This was an issue for me to as my client and her family members were very conservative. So, it took me time to gain their confidence. The client’s son was facing problems as he needed to set up his unit in a new place as he has to give up his old place to his landlord. As soon as the client’s son gets a unit, I can suggest him new set of cost evaluation and structural changes.

The loanee took the loan amount only to meet the son’s business capital requirement. The GL program comprises of various individuals who voluntarily involved themselves in it, so I am capable to learn lots of thing starting from communication, to dealing and adaption of various attitudes to mix with varied human beings. As for my client, the son rarely let me get involved or talk with his mother, so it became difficult to interact with my client Farida Begum directly.

Initially we had the concept of social entrepreneurship to be entrepreneur to overcome a certain social problem or issue, but as we kept attending GL program actively, we got various ideas and live problems to overcome and got an understanding of the situation and the ways to overcome such. All the volunteers faced challenges and also getting the potential to overcome social problems and can uplift the society as a whole.



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