A Letter to the Global Links Program

By Kalapi Dutta, Global Links Changemaker 


In this technological era of the 21st century, I would like to write a letter the old-school way, even as Whatsapp and Messenger overrule, to something which I hold dear to my heart.

Dear Global Links,

Will it be improper to say that I was waiting for you all this while?  It might sound cheesy but it is true.

It’s been just a year that I have known you, and though I won’t say that it was the best year of my life—because the best is yet to come—it was nonetheless perfect. You have become a part of me. You are the best of me.

You taught me that it is okay if my client did not trust me at first, and was reluctant to disclose her business finances. You taught me that it is okay to be rejected at times when various retailers found me absurd. And amidst all this, you taught me that it is okay to accept the situations where nothing goes according to plan.  You gave me role models who helped me in every possible way throughout the journey. How I wish you knew how unconditionally grateful I am.  Above all, I respect you.


A business overview of Kalapi’s client who owns a sari manufacturing business

I must mention that you have flooded me with many first time experiences. The first time I took the stage to present my business.  The first time to receive a letter from the CEO of Tupperware Brands. The first time to receive an invitation from the US Consul General to attend a tea party with our parents.  The list is never-ending.

Did I forget to mention something about ‘Orlando’?  Oh yes, I did.

Oh dear, you are helping me check off my bucket list!


Global Links students meeting the US Ambassador to India

With you, I wish to be my most altruistic self, for I want to share you with others. I wish your existence to be known worldwide. I hope you touch the lives of many more, for good things are meant to be explored.

For me, you are my ultimate satisfaction, the best decision I have ever made, the perfect realization that I could do more for my society than just be a contributor to the nation’s GDP!

So yes, I literally want to be with you always and forever because, well, ours is still a better love story than Twilight! And with that I hope to make you even prouder.


A Satisfied Soul


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