Global Links Changemakers Meet the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs for US Embassy in India


By Kalapi Dutta, Global Links Changemaker 


Yet again, as Global Links Changemakers, we witnessed an incredible experience. This time we had the opportunity to meet the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs for the US Embassy in India, Mr. Jeff Sexton, who gave his time to learn about our Global Links program.

After a brief intro with Dr. Banerjee, he eagerly listened to the five of us about our works and how we benefited our clients. Amazed by the impact of Global Links on the students, their clients, and the society, he wished Global Links to prosper, and we hope more programs like Global Links will exist.


As changemakers, our greatest focus is on creating sustainability steps for the businesses we are working on, and Mr. Sexton emphasized this issue, too.

On a parting note, he suggested we return India after our trip to Florida with our bags full of experiences and adventures, because our experiences in Florida will be absolutely new to us.

And just 21 days left until we land in Orlando (yes, we are actually counting days!), and excitement is at its peak.  I am literally at a loss of words. How do I feel?  The stir of emotions cannot  be put int a single adjective. I hope to feel the rush of excitement at every single activity that I indulge in during the visit. For everything that is in store for us, I know that the inner me will jump high with excitement every time we will be exposed to something new- from the education to the lifestyle to the culture to the food to the leisure activities. I hope to load my bags full of knowledge and experiences which I wish to let out once again when I return to India.


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