Meeting the US Minister Counselor for Public Affairs In Calcutta

By Sayan Ghosh, Global Links changemaker


Chief Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Jeff Sexton, visited the green campus of University of Calcutta in Alipore on February 11th, 2017 to meet the Global Links changemakers of Kolkata. It was a pleasant experience for the volunteers to share their practical experience regarding women empowerment and also listen to positive advice from Mr.Sexton. The visit started with a brief introduction about the Global Links program and Mr. Sexton by Assistant Public Affairs officer, Mr. Greg Pardo. The mission statement of the program was then detailed by the Global Links scholar, Dr. Sharmistha Banerjee.


Mr. Sexton, who has travelled to different underdeveloped and developing countries, stressed the importance of women empowerment and how effectively this may contribute to a country’s GDP. Each of the volunteers shared their experiences with their client during Phase 1 and 2 of the program. Mr. Sexton praised the volunteers for their good work, especially their work convincing the business women’s family members to follow suggestions on business development, advocacy on social and environmental issues, and women empowerment. He also congratulated the volunteers for having been selected for Phase 3, in which they will go to Rollins College for two weeks for an immersion program on Social Entrepreneurship.

It was enriching session for the entire Global Links team, and I personally thank the US Consulate for arranging this meeting. Personally, it was a moment of disbelief to think such a high-ranking US state government official would interact with us in such an informal manner in our own environment. When we go to the American Centre, we are slightly constrained, but in our own University campus, we felt so much at home with Mr.  Pardo and Mr. Sexton!!


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