Thoughts from our Global Links Changemakers!

To begin with, let’s just say what we experienced these last 2 weeks was different, very different.  Different in the best possible way! The regular conversations about the 2 weeks with our family and friends back home have been subtle mentions that we want to go back to Florida. Hence a compilation of the things which the 5 of us want to highlight.

1. In this foreign country, we were fortunate enough to receive a home, away from home. We got a family, leaving whom was the toughest part of our trip abroad.

2.  We never realized that the college campus could be this huge! For us Rollins College is a town within a town! Exploring the greater area of Orlando highlighted how much bigger the Rollins community is.  There is a lot for students to do here!

3. The Innovation Hub is the coolest space ever! How we wish we could spend our entire day spinning in those lounge chairs.

4.  The bright faces of people greeting us all the time, automatically, brightened up our day. All the people we met and interacted with in these last 2 weeks had a great impact on us.

5.  Dreams came true and everything seemed magical at Disney and Universal. We can’t stop thanking Mr. Accapadi and Austin for arranging our tickets and Liz for spending her entire day with us at Disney. Best weekend ever, undoubtedly!

6. How could we not mention the food which was a surprise to us daily!  We got to try dishes that we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to try in India.

To conclude, we made the most out of the 2 weeks and the love and support that we got was overwhelming.  We look forward to meeting everyone again. We are sending out an open invitation for all to visit India. So, until next time!

-Kalapi Dutta

Shirsita Banerjee

Sreedipta Dhar Choudhury

Surabhi Mishra

Swayan Ghosh

(Global Links Changemakers)



One comment

  1. MCD · April 11, 2017

    Gorgeous! Thanks for your thoughts and hard work! We miss you all and look forward to our next visit together. Keep up the change making! The world needs more Changemakers!


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