Anisha’s Story


Anisha is a Global Links student who felt inspired to continue pursuing the Global Links mission despite not being chosen to complete Phase III as one of the final five Changemakers.  Anisha developed her own way to persevere.

Anisha’s Story by Anisha Pandey, Global Links Student

When I first read the inspirational quote by our late President, Sri Abul Kalam Azad, “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means ‘First Attempt In Learning'”, it felt motivating, but I did not know it would come to life for me in a few months’ time.

It was the month of October when 14 Global Links students had come a long way through the program, and it was time for the final selection of 5 students to complete Phase III in Orlando, Florida at Rollins College. I was among this final 14. Completing Phase II and stepping into Phase III was the only thing we wished for at that time. With hopes and aspirations, we were eagerly waiting for the names being called. Alas!! I could not hear my name. For a moment everything was at a standstill. I was extremely happy for my friends but also sad at my own failure.  I felt as if I wasn’t capable of anything. Doing well in my academics alone might not be enough, and I yearned for more. This mental disturbance started affecting my preparations for the graduation final exams which were within a few months, but Professor Banerjee stood by my side. Her way of scolding us at our mistakes and also applauding us for every small achievement like a mother made me believe in myself.  Though I did not continue into Phase III, I realized it was time to implement all that I had learned from Phases I and II. During my school days, I thought that making a to-do list was just a waste of ink and paper, but I came to understand its importance during my Global Links journey. The way Professor Banerjee completed all her work on time before going to bed was highly appreciable. I started copying her. Preparing a to-do list every day helped me complete my hectic graduation syllabus on time and in an organized manner.

Exams were now over but what next??? Dr. Mary Conway Dato-on once said to me “Anisha, if your client isn’t cooperative, use your ideas and creativity, it will help you”. I did not have any clients yet, but I had my creativity. I started making gift items using old newspapers to utilize my time and creativity. People started noticing my art and within a short span of time I received orders from a Multinational Company.

One day, 400 final-year students were called for an orientation program organized by a multinational company (Tata Consultancy Services) at our college campus. I would love to deliver my handmade products to a multinational company, but I had no plans of working in one. Global Links taught us to grab all the opportunities that come our way, so why not give it a try, I thought.  Around 400 students were given a 10-day training. We were asked to prepare charts, reports and give presentations. Global Links had required us to create many reports and presentations, so while my friends panicked and found it a tough task, I found it to be an interesting activity. My presentation was praised and I was selected to be among the 250 students who would take an aptitude test to the next selection stage. Everything was going well, and 100 students, including me, were selected for the next three rounds of interviews.

Dressed up in formal attire, 100 aspiring candidates were waiting for the first round of interviews. It was the technical round, and I easily made it through. It was time for the second round, in which 5 panelists would be questioning us to judge our confidence and our way of presenting ourselves in front of a group of people. Because of GL, I was familiar with giving presentations and speaking in front of around 50 people at the American Centre, so 5 wasn’t a big deal. My confidence kept growing. I was selected for the third and final round of interviews, which was the HR round. It was time for the names of selected candidates to be called. The entire scenario was similar to that of the American Centre 6 months back. There were 14 volunteers there and there were 50 students here. The Consulate General had the envelope in his hand then, and the HR manager of the company had the envelope in his hand now. My confidence faded away, recalling my past failure. It was now time for the names to be announced. Everything was going just the same but there was one BIG difference. I did not hear my name then but I did hear my name now. YES! I made it through. Same scenario, same situation but with one big difference. I wasn’t a failure now. I could win back my confidence. What a moment it was!

Everybody fails at some point in their lives. What matters most is moving forward and never giving up on success. My experience with Global Links helped me prepare for success.